Double Coupon Week at Kmart 5/29/16 – 6/04/16!!


How does Double Coupon Work:

  • Add me as your FREE Personal Shopper by CLICKING HERE! ( You can keep up to date with deals or email me with any questions about shop your way, shopping at Kmart or Sears or double coupon week. I am always happy to help you and will send you weekly coupons.)
  • You must scan your SYWR card (sign up for free) to get your coupons to double
    (you can have separate cards for you and your spouse at Kmart!)
  • $2 or less manufacturer coupons will “double” up to $4 off
  • $25 minimum purchase requirement is AFTER Kmart Store Coupons, but BEFORE manufacturer coupons.  You can go below $25 after manufacturer coupons scanned.  They already clarified, all household, grocery, drugstore, baby diapers & wipes, beauty etc.. will work for this.
  • Limit 5 coupons doubled per customer per day
    It means 5 doubled per day, but you can use more than 5 coupons per day, just the first 5 will double and the rest will not. (Make sure you hand the cashier the coupons you would like to be doubled FIRST!)
  • Kmart Store Coupons in the Booklets will not double

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