Sears & Kmart websites offering $10 off coupon on $25+ purchase!


Make sure you visit and today and see if you can get your $10 off coupon sent to your email from each site. I went to Kmart and Sears and in the left hand corner of the screen a coupon offer came up. All I had to do was fill out my email address in the box and my coupon was sent to me in less than a minute. You can either print the coupon or use the unique code, if shopping online. Don’t miss out!! I am unsure how long this deal will last. The coupon expiration is 10/30/15

If you love sales, deals, freebies, and giveaway’s…Make sure to add me as your personal shopper, so that you never miss updates and deals. I make sure to post and share all the great savings I find.

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