Kmart Double Coupons: 08/30/2015 – 09/05/2015


Kmart Double Coupons are back starting August 30th – September 5th!

Make sure to add me as your personal shopper, so that you never miss updates and deals.

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What is Personal Shopper? Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way is a free program where Personal Shoppers help you find the products you’re looking for at prices you’ll love. Free shipping with Shop Your Way MAX* for 90 days!! You’ll get 3 months of FREE SYWR Max Shipping, when you select me as your Personal Shopper.

Starting Sunday Kmart is having another double coupon event where the first five coupons up to $2 in value in your transaction will automatically double – that means a $2 off coupon will become $4 off!

To qualify for the double coupon event you’ll need to make a purchase at least $25 in grocery, household or drugstore products AFTER K-mart coupons, but BEFORE manufacturer coupons.  You’ll want to hand over your SYWR card first, as you’ll also need to have it entered in order to get the coupons to double.  There is a limit of five DOUBLE coupons, however you can use more than that in your transaction (any coupons after your first five will redeem at face value) and the limit is five doubled coupons per person, per day.

Kmart’s Double Coupon Acceptance Policy (when in effect)

  • Double Manufacturer Coupons Up to & including $2 value!  Amount of credit from doubling a coupon cannot exceed the current retail price of a single item.
  • No cash or in-store purchase credit will be awarded for any amount exceeding the retail price of the item.
  • Limit 1 coupon for each item purchased.
  • Only 1 coupon will be doubled per item.
  • You may only purchase 4 of the same item using double coupons.
  • Buy One, Get One offers, Kmart Savings coupons and Kmart Store coupons are excluded from this promotion.
  • Coupons do not apply to sales tax.
  • Limit 25 coupons per customer per day.
  • Offer excludes products prohibited by law, including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, and prescription medication.
  • not valid on non-merchandise, federal or state regulated items, prior purchases, Lands’ End, Sears merchandise rung on Sears registers within Kmart and
  • In the event of a return, coupon savings may be deducted from the refund.
  • Effective 7/5/09: double coupons are accepted with a minimum $25 grocery purchase.

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